All Over the Place

Hi everyone!

I’ve realized that I haven’t updated anything for a while now, but my “break” has already started, and I’ve been busy with excursions for the past 4 days now.

I still don’t have a lot of time to sit down and write everything out, but basically we went to Kiev for 2 days, which was really great (!), took an overnight train to Moscow (which was actually a lot of fun with a whole group of people telling going stories at 1am), and now I am in Moscow for the week! Yesterday was absolutely exhausting since we pretty much got right off the train and started our excursions at 9am, and today is a bit better, but it’s still freezing outside!

Vicky and I have written out a rough plan of what to do every day, and we’re going to try to cover a lot, and even get out of Moscow to see some smaller cities. Other than that, I think I’d like to relax this week, meet up with some people here in Moscow, and write out some internship applications.

Again, I’m sorry for such bad consistency with updates, but I’ll find time!

Miss you all!


2 responses to “All Over the Place

  1. Hi Ana- not sure if you will read this, but just to let you know, that all well here in Arizona. Nice to hear from you as always—Love you L.O.L.—Dad

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