Internship Poll

I’m so sorry guys. I hate posting so many things in a row, but I really want to put this up before I completely forget about it altogether, and I would love your input.

So I really want to do an internship/volunteer while I’m here, and we’re given some different options, which you will see.

Basically, what I am really considering is: the Hermitage, a newspaper, and teaching students English, but I’ve included all the opportunities I could remember. The NGO one I’ve heard your Russian has to be really good, and the others are eh, but I can’t decide.

I love history and archeology (the Hermitage); I love to write (newspaper); I want to meet Russians around my age (teaching English).



2 responses to “Internship Poll

  1. Did you already make a decision? 🙂 I think working with a newspaper would probably be good for you because it’s something that interests you, you have experience with it, and it’d probably give you the most opportunities to improve your Russian and learn new words 🙂

    • I haven’t yet! I’m having a really hard time deciding, because the biggest thing drawing me away is the fact that I haven’t made any Russian friends yet haha. 😦 And if I teach English I’ll be in class with them and helping them and whatnot, so I’m really stuck. Plus we were told that it’s technically not an “internship” because we can only do it 5 hours a week, whereas a real internship is at least 20, so I’m not sure if a newspaper would be willing to have me help out for such a small amount of time each week…Unless I try to do it more, but then that could get in the way of classes…and I’m also stuck because I really love archeology and if I work at the Hermitage, they may let me help out with some old artifacts and things like….I’m so stuck!

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