Finest & Unfinest of Days

Добрый вечер!)) Что нового с вами?

I hope everyone in America is doing wonderful. To post quickly about the last few days (because I have another couple of posts):

☹ Class has started (on Monday), and I am not in the right level at all. This is going to be changed as soon as possible, but until then, I’ll deal. We haven’t had that much work fortunately, but our elective classes don’t actually start until next week, so who knows how much we will be given then. There is a lot more work and interaction in class.

‽ Who is Russian and who is American? Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between people walking through the hall when they’re not talking, although with the girls it’s much easier to tell.

Oh! Before I forget, I don’t think I wrote about this? But we had a scavenger hunt on Sunday, which I’m sure was intended for us to learn the city better, but in fact ended up being exhausting and we lost. 😦 Although, I think I do know the area around Nevsky better…? Maybe. Who knows, because the other day I had a hard time finding my own apartment building and dragged David into my misery (haha sorry).

The metro isn’t hard at all. I just have to learn the stations, but it’s basically the same as DC, and the pattern even looks the same as DC (and my line is also the same direction as it was in DC) so I think I’m good with that.

Although class has started already, it’s been kind of slow. Maybe since it’s just the first week?

Vika and I have been out to eat twice this week, and it’s kind of horrifying. Who knew reading a menu and telling a server what you want could be so challenging. Also, the change here….Really? Is it necessary to give exact 100% correct change every time you buy something? I think not! And like Vicky told me earlier: “Just give them the metro face and say no.”

Other than all these random things, not much has been going on. The classes are small- maybe 7 or 8 people in each, and the rooms are small and a little cramped as well, but overall it’s a nice place with nice people. (Though some people are interesting….)

I finally had a conversation longer than 5 minutes with my host brother. He seems nice enough. He wanted to open his own club and casino, but Putin made it illegal or something so he can’t do it and isn’t very happy about that. Other than that, he likes to play football/soccer a lot, and go hang out with his friends, which is where he seems to be most of the time.

My host mom and I always have some kind of conversation. Whether it’s about why people have dacha’s and how she likes to get her fruits and vegetables naturally, the news, history, cooking borsch, the cat, the mafia, the cat, traveling, infrastructure in Russia, gypsies, the cat, me trying to explain what spice is, her thinking I meant something else and making me eat a chunk of plain garlic, the cat, food, class, or whatever else, there is usually always a conversation.

Despite the fact I don’t always understand what they’re saying, both Lubov and Ilya seem to think I know Russian at least somewhat, so that’s encouraging.

Anyways, это всё for now.

Miss everyone! ✌


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