Before I Go

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog for Russia! I hope you’ll enjoy it and read some of it throughout the semester!

Before I actually head over there, I wanted to write one post to describe what I’m actually doing with this blog.

My original idea was to just make a normal blog and talk about every day experiences and adventures, but I’ve come up with something a little bit different.

I was recently given a travel book and purchased my own travel book for this trip abroad, and instead of simply posting every day or every other day, I’m going to do some of the “tasks” from each of my books and document those, as well as write a couple updates on daily life!

Some of them may seem a bit odd, but I think it will be interesting and give myself and everyone else a different perspective of Russia.

I can’t wait to start and I hope you will all take a look around every once in a while!




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